Why design and development hold the key to enhancing your online presence

Why design and development hold the key to enhancing your online presence

Your website is your customers’ first interaction with your business and the last thing you want is to give out a bad impression in the first encounter. A bad design and a poorly developed website are not just going to repel your potential customers but it would also have a negative impact on your online rankings and overall brand image. To make sure your business doesn’t meet a similar fate, you may hire some reputed web development services in your respective area to help you make the following changes to your website.

Before we dive into the details of how you can optimize your website through design and development, it’s important to understand that Google ranks websites based on user experience so if one thing works for another website it won’t necessarily do the same for you. That said, there are some design and development essentials directly relating to the user experience which have been predefined by google itself. 

Mobile responsiveness

A huge number of traffic looks up a service or product online on their mobile which is why google prioritize websites that are fully mobile responsive. The amount of traffic coming in through mobile  has surpassed the desktop searches so if your website isn’t mobile responsive already then you are long overdue as the search engine giant made mobile responsiveness a ranking factor back in 2015 and in 2017 came the mobile first indexing update which made it mandatory for every website to be mobile friendly.

Easy to read and navigate design

We have all been pissed off by a bad UI at some point. You could have the most aesthetically accurate design but it counts for nothing if your user can’t find what he came for. For instance if you go to a website to buy something, the last thing you would want would be to get bombarded by a bunch of content about who you are or what other products and services you offer. 

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Similarly, if the visitor’s intent is to find information about a certain product then it would be pointless to try and sell them that product because they are not yet ready to make a purchase.

Furthermore, be sure to include as much information about the subject in your website content as possible and keep it all well sorted. Headings make content easy to skim and digest so try to sort your content under relevant headings. 

Website speed

Your website speed may depend on several development related factors such as your hosting server, the kind of media your website features and even the code itself. But the fact of the matter is, your visitors aren’t going to care about any of the above. They are simply going to move on to the next website in the list if yours would take too long to open which would ultimately increase your bounce rate. A high bounce rate would reflect badly on your website in the search engine’s eye and it would negatively affect your current ranking. So try to keep your website’s loading speed optimized because lets’ face it, nobody likes to stick around more than 5 seconds waiting for a website to load completely.

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