How To Determines the Value of an Oriental Rug

How To Determines the Value of an Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs come in different shapes and patterns but are often categorized as Persian rugs, antique oriental rugs, and hand-woven rugs. If you are looking to invest in rugs, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The price of a rug is based on a number of special factors, which are not always discernible to the untrained eye. The carpet experts at Qaleen, however, have a good grasp of their subject. Would you like to know how Qaleen experts rate carpets? Read the article to find out more!

First of all, the value of a rug depends on its size. Is it done by hand or on a machine? Machine-made carpet is generally considered to be of poor quality. And a handmade rug is usually more valuable. Then the experts take into account where the rug was made and who made it. Qaleen experts make their estimate based on the images and additional information provided by the seller. This information allows them to deepen their estimate. There are 6 fundamental elements that determine the quality of a carpet. Especially Bokhara handmade rugs

The density of knots

The knot density is the number of knots in the carpet. A finely knotted carpet is more expensive compared to carpets of the same origin. With 150,000 knots per square meter, the estimated price of the carpet will be high. With over 1,000,000 knots per square meter, a rug is considered very rare. Thus, the more knots a carpet has per square meter, the higher its value will be.

The materials used

Many different materials are used in the manufacture of a carpet. But the most valuable material used for a rug is undoubtedly silk. Other less valuable materials, but still considered quality, are Kurk wool and fine wool. The least valuable material used for oriental rugs is cotton. Most rugs use two of the following materials: silk, cotton, or wool. Silk and cotton are divided into piles, warp, and weft. Silk is considered the most valuable material.

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The reasons and colors

The patterns and colors are determined by the amount of detail that covers the rug. A detailed carpet requires a high density of knots (much like a large number of pixels is required for high-resolution images).

His age

The age of the carpet is also an important factor. The older the rug, the greater its value. Carpets that are over 100 years old get the highest number of points in the table below. Carpets under 10 years old do not get points.

The condition of the carpet

The carpets are worn by the many passages and are sometimes used as decoration in interiors. Putting furniture on it also affects their state of preservation. The condition of the rugs varies from good, to average, bad and very bad. Depending on the type of carpet, a bad carpet can still be valuable. For example, an ancient Oushak rugs in poor condition is still of great value. A 10-year-old Tabriz Indian rug in poor condition, on the other hand, is worthless.

Supply and demand

As stated earlier, the supply and demand for a rug play an important role in determining its value. Rugs produced in large quantities have very little. Old antique rugs are very valuable.