5 benefits of Medical Marijuana Topical Creams

5 benefits of Medical Marijuana Topical Creams

The choice of Medical Marijuana products is becoming overwhelming. Today you can choose from a myriad of Medical Marijuana products ranging from tinctures, concentrates, oils, edibles to vapes. Each of these products has a unique effect on your symptoms, and which product will give you the best result should be asked for a professional. If you are residing in Florida, you should seek the help of experts at My Florida Green. My Florida Green is the most established and trusted Marijuana service provider in many cities in Florida. Their compassionate team of Marijuana experts is helping new patients to get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card Naples and a Marijuana recommendation from state-licensed Marijuana physicians to qualified patients.

You may have heard about Marijuana topical creams, and if you want to know more about their benefits, we have the answers for you. Medical Marijuana creams are showing remarkable effects and are becoming popular because of ease of use. You could even take a tiny portion of Medical Marijuana and mix it with your preferred body cream, and you will be surprised at its effect. Medical Marijuana topics come as body creams, oils, balms, lotions, and sprays, which you can use for various skin problems, as first aid for pain management, or general skin care.

Many people know about the use of Medical Marijuana in the treatment of severe health conditions. Still, few are yet to recognize the benefits of Marijuana topics without getting the high feeling that consuming Marijuana brings. If you want more information on know how you can legally purchase Medical Marijuana and get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida, you should contact the experts at MY FLORIDA GREEN.

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What is Marijuana?

A wonder plant, you may say, but Medical Marijuana contains many phytochemicals. Phytochemicals include the two most active components, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These two components play significant roles against skin inflammations. The components also regulate sebum production in the skin through their interaction with the skin receptors. You must have heard about THC and CBD, but those two are not the only beneficial component in Medical Marijuana. There is a component called terpenes, it gives Marijuana its characteristic pleasant scent. Some therapeutic benefits are also associated with the terpene component. Each of the various components of Medical Marijuana has benefits both when consumed or used as a topical cream. Despite the benefits, you need to be guided on particular products to use based on the intended health benefits. My Florida Green is the best partner to give you direction and answer all your Medical Marijuana questions for consumption and skin applications.

What are the benefits of Medical Marijuana topical creams?

1. Anti-inflammatory properties: Medical Marijuana contains pinene, a terpene known to possess benefits just by applying the topical cream on your skin. Pinene presents anti-inflammatory properties when applied to the skin. The terpene has been used to make ointment and creams; it is also present in rosemary, parsley, and citrus plants and has been used for ages for pain relief, improving respiration, and memory function. Pinene also has antibiotic properties, preventing bacterial infection. Some dispensaries have this component concentrated in varying portions, so you can purchase and either mix it with your body creams, lotion balms or apply following a physician’s recommendation. If you need medical advice on the application of pinene, kindly consult with any of the professionals at My Florida Green, and you will be promptly attended to.

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2. Antiseptic Properties: Many Marijuana derivatives are also known for their antimicrobial properties, especially against bacteria, as much as THC and CBD. More research is giving evidence on the remarkable benefits of this healing herb. Even though the component such as THC is responsible for the high feeling, when applied as a topical is remarkably effective against a resistant staphylococcus infection, commonly known as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

If you have a condition which is on the qualifying list for Medical Marijuana use, contact experts at My Florida Geen and explore their websites to know about these qualifying conditions. 

3. Anti-ageing properties: Medical Marijuana contains potent antioxidants, which fight against free radicals that destroy cells in the body, reducing their functions. However, more research needs to be done. If you are resident in a polluted area or expose yourself to too much UV radiation, you will be accumulating a high number of free radicals in your body. The activities of these free radicals also result in the wrinkles and fine lines you see on your face. Scientists involved in anti-aging research discovered the potency of Medical Marijuana in slowing down the aging process via its antioxidant abilities. When you apply body creams with cannabinoids, you will be protecting your skin from the activities of free radicals.

4. Helps to manage skin irritations: Some researchers at the Colorado University did some research and expressed their great findings regarding Medical Marijuana capabilities in treating several skin infections and irritations. Its potency against Staphylococcus aureus helps fight against the development of eczema on the skin. The active components in Medical Marijuana stop the itching associated with eczema and other dermatitis. People who have severe forms of acne have benefited from Marijuana following its activity in reducing lipid production in the skin.

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5.Pain Relief: Medical Marijuana’s effect on chronic pain has been established; hence Medical Marijuana balms and creams can ease muscle pain or other pain that is skin deep. Medical Marijuana is used to reduce pain when consumed following your physician’s advice, so discuss your pain with an experienced and qualified physician if you want to add Medical Marijuana to your treatment plan.

Medical Marijuana’s healing properties and advantages are many, and if you want to avail these benefits, contact experts at My Florida Green. A Medical Marijuana needs to be taken  responsibility and with a Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota.  Experts at My Florida Green will guide you to purchase the suitable Marijuana component for your needs.